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Workers Compensation Attorney Newark    NJ

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After suffering an injury in New York or New Jersey, you are likely facing many questions that concern your family’s future. How will I pay my medical bills? Why should I suffer financially, because someone else was negligent? How will my family make ends meet, paying for groceries, bills, cellphones, rent, mortgage, etc.?

The personal injury attorneys at Ginarte, O’Dwyer, Gonzalez, Gallardo & Winograd, L.L.P.,, understand your concerns, because we help people just like you. We realize the devastating effect an injury has on your life, ailing you physically, psychologically and financially. In fact, it was the work injury of Joseph Ginarte’s father that led him to pursue a legal career, and was instrumental in the founding of our firm. His father was a factory worker, and the injury he suffered prevented him from returning to work. Ginarte recalls how his father’s work injury affected his entire family—these memories help form the caring and empathetic foundation our firm is built upon.