Personal Injury Attorney Springfield MO

Personal Injury Attorney Springfield    MO

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Few things cause anxiety more than being injured through no fault of your own. We all have busy schedules and personal commitments and do not have time or money to waste on an accident that was not our fault. If you have suffered harm due to the carelessness of others then you need an aggressive attorney so that your life may get back on track as soon as possible. Springfield, Missouri personal injury lawyer Tom Kapstrom services the southwest part of our state and is ready to assist you. Call today for a free initial case assessment.

Our office handles other type of vehicular accidents in addition to traditional car wrecks. These include trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and we effectively seek compensation for victims of drunk driving. These types of reckless behavior are far more common than many realize and, like car wrecks, result in serious harm. You should not be forced to put your life on hold because another chose to be reckless. We are here to ensure that your life can move forward.