Disability Attorneys St Louis MO

Disability Attorneys St Louis    MO

Satellite office:
200 North Broadway, Suite 130
St. Louis, MO 63102

David Camp is an attorney and owner of Access Disability, LLC, practicing with attorneys Brigid McNamara, Erica Nuyen, Paul Trim and highly trained Case Administrators.  Together, they form a law firm that focuses on Social Security, SSI and litigation matters for the disabled. The firm accepts Social Security Administration disability claims at all levels of the process, from the initial application through the U.S. District Court.

Access Disability knows benefits law inside and out. From the initial assessment of your case through the appellate process, Access Disability attorneys let you know exactly what your rights are, how to best approach the claim, and what your best avenue for resolution can be.  With Access Disability, you can have the professional legal representation that you will need in pursuing a claim for benefits from a large governmental agency and when presenting your claim to a judge.