Disability Attorneys Oakland CA

Disability Attorneys Oakland    CA

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If you have one or more severe medical problems that prevent you from working for at least twelve months, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.
However, proving disability without an attorney can be difficult.  The Social Security disability claims process can be challenging for someone who is not familiar with the system.

The Social Security Administration denies over 60% of applications for disability. However, an attorney can appeal the decision to an Administrative Law Judge and the statistics are very good for winning the appeal. Approximately 60% -70% of these appeals win!  A local, Oakland/ Bay Area, Social Security disability attorney can improve your chances significantly by assisting you in the applications process, gathering the necessary evidence, developing a sound legal theory, appealing a denial, and presenting your case in the most favorable light.  Because I practice in Oakland and across the Bay Area, I work regularly with the staff that will be handling your claim, and the judges that will be hearing your case.