Breast Reduction Salisbury MD

Breast reduction Salisbury MD


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Plastic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself by changing how you look. Dr. Roger A. Orsini is Board Certified in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He has assisted patients from Easton, Wilmington, Annapolis, Salisbury, Cambridge, Denton, Chestertown, Glen Burnie, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Dover, Philadelphia and throughout the United States look their best for over 25 years.

We constantly strive to maintain superb customer service and to provide you with outstanding patient education about your procedure options as well as some of the benefits and risks of each. Whether you’re looking to educate yourself about a Facelift, a Breast Augmentation, a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction or you simply wish to look a little younger, you’ll find the information needed to choose our practice for your procedure.

We invite you, your family, and your friends to preview our practice information and information about cosmetic surgery. Our goal is to provide the best possible cosmetic surgery and results available.