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Large, sagging breasts can become a detriment to a woman’s physical health and body image. Some of the physical ailments that can be attributed to heavy breasts include poor posture, lower back pain, and neck discomfort. The good news is that a breast reduction can effectively eliminate all of these frustrating issues.

What exactly is a breast reduction?


A breast reduction is a mild surgical procedure that results in a smaller and firmer display of the breasts. After the procedure, the client’s breasts will also exhibit a noticeably rounder appearance. During a breast reduction, the doctor will reduce the size of the areola and re-position the nipples if needed.

Is a breast reduction for me?


If a person is dealing with any physical ailments associated with overly large breasts, they are strongly encouraged to consider a breast reduction. This will help to restore the body’s natural proportions. After the procedure, many women gain the confidence to finally wear many of the fashion styles that they previously avoided. The client will no longer have to hide behind over-sized clothing. They will also be able to enjoy exercising without being physical hindered by heavy breasts.